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A group of rocks divides the impressive white pebbled beach of Mylopotamos into two. A passage through the rocks connects the two beaches. On the other side of Mylopotamos the waters of the stream reach the sea and make the scenery wilder and more beautiful.

The wild winds of the Aegean have sculptured the rocks of Mylopotamos. One's thought wanders in the fascination of the sounds of the waves as they hit the sand.

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Tsagarada means beautiful view and according to another version Royal village. It is a place for all seasons, magic and white in winter, full of wild flowers in the spring, cool and full of hydrangeas in the summer, abunder with red-yellow leaves in the autumn.Free - flowing water goes downhill towards the sea; its sounds becomes part of life.The old arched stone bridge of Tsagarada at the gully of Mylopotamos it was built in 1787

The church of Agios Stefanos in the quarter of Tsagarada which bears the same name, appears in the morning mist.

In Agion Taxiarhon square the celebrated water fountain with the four taps where the water runs continuously. The age - old plane tree gives life to the famous Pelioritic hydrangeas with its shade.

The four quarters of Tsagarada with streams, arched bridges, squares, churches, new and old mansions make if an ideal resting place.

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The biggest village of Pelion was at its commercial and cultural peak in the 17th and 18th Centuries. It is the birth place of G. Kordatos, a distinguished historian. There are texts dating back to the Byzantine era that mention Pelion by the name Zagora. The library of Zagora with thousands of rare books is of great interest.

The school of Rigas Ferreos or Hellenic museum as it was known, the oldest school on Pelion, Kallinikos Lapatis (Patriarch of Constantinopole) and the bard of the Greeks Rigas Fereos were students of the school among others.


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