A combination of unique, fantastic, unforgettable high-quality holidays on Mt. Pelion at “Gardenia Studios.”

The visitor gets really impressed by the lush green garden at the very first moment while entering the Gardenia Studios.

An intellectual uplift and jubilation overfill the visitor’s soul while overlooking a care free scenery that can’t be experienced due to the hectic lifestyle.

Culture, Kindness, hygiene, happy smiles, kindness and hospitality are some of the owner’s traits that can capture the visitors' soul.

Thus the visitor, who will enjoy the warm hospitality along with the birds’ songs plus the lush green garden, secretly promises to himself that soon he’ll be back to this earthly paradise.

The painter, the university or college student, the poet, the writer, the intellectual or any visitor will find the very most of peace and serenity for his recreation and concentration.


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